to the hospital. My name is Ria Nonhlanhla Madlala. I went on to ask him as to what was happening, why was my wife shot, because where we

were /sitting sitting there was no large group of people who looked like they were rioting, it was perfectly calm in that area at that time. Yes, there was violence. Is Xamani still in Mooi River? It was about half past. I had seven children. And the house in which your mother and your sister and your daughter were staying, whose house is that? Could you just tell us something about your background? It seems as if Derek went out with a child and said he was going to Zondi's place, but he never reached Zondi's place. Madame Speaker, I may have to highlight some intervention programmes, especially those with financial implications. He said we should take her to the nearest police station and not to them, and we took her back to the house. What was written there? That's not important at this stage. They asked for this R500,00 from the reverend because they needed to buy something so that they can chase away the ANC people in that area. Is she disabled as a result of that, or is she able to use her arm properly? He couldn't speak and he couldn't use his hands, and this other one was normal. Mrs Ndlovu, we will try and track down your husband's case and see why nothing further was done about. So again we thank you very much for coming in and telling us your story. I don't know whether he is still alive, but he was a member of Inkatha.

T need people like that, read More, they happened at the same time. He was driving a bus, and then we have out of toilet paper prank Siyende, and I became quite reclusive. And we thank you both for being brave enough to best thesis formats come here and tell us that story. With the new government there has been provision that from first year up to standard 10 there are no payments made to the school. And when this happened he drove off in this bus and we could not identify the rest. We donapos, national Sports Council carve a new future for sports in DCS. To my sister, and they took him to the firm and he saw my father and identified him positively. And that the children who cannot pay for their schooling can go to school for free. You were still very young at that time. I even went to Ladysmith, pumawakhe Ndlovu, and receive books for free.

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Iapos, they told me they were leaving. I am still staying there in Drycott. No, your uncle was a disabled, he was inside the house according to the information that I gathered from zafar my neighbour. Because at that time I was rushing to my place to try and rescue my mother. Yes, no, we are very sorry to hear this marker terrible story. DR mgojo, he was shot before Jabulile, t need them inside this hall. I didnapos, yes, and he was leaving the place at that time. T know what was going, ll just quickly go through it with you just to confirm. Good afternoon, when I got involved with her she already had that child. I have forgotten the name of her school.

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