Georgia O'Keeffe. They all start by tracing two large circles for the crust and the sauce. Paper is very thin so imperfections in the floor theyre covering will show

through. To observes students fine motorskills and offer suggestions and tips for students who art struggling with their designs. Matthew's Dream Students read the book Matthew's Dream by Leo Lionni. Finished dining room floor complete with decorative box around the table. Picasso Flowers After reading a short story about the life of Pablo Picasso, students created simple paintings inspired by his work. On a wood floor, the glue mixture of Elmers white glue and water (50/50 ratio) is used. They then created their own circle drawing using oil pastels. If you are going to stain patterns into your floor I strongly suggest planning on the natural color as one and only dealing with one other color of stain. One common question is how long to let the paper absorb the glue mixture. Grade: 1st grade Time: two 60 min classes Materials: Heavy cardstock (white) popsicle sticks Elmers glue pencils Sharpie markers crayons Learning Objectives: To create printing on canvas paper settings a connection to the first grade curriculum explaining folktales and fairy tales. The turkey comes out perfectly browned on the outside, and most, juicy and succulent on the inside! This seam of two concrete pads is significant. This is the Thanksgiving turkey that your guests will rave about and ask for the recipe. . Act II Popcorn Ingredients: Popcorn, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Annatto Color. The fix fits in perfectly. On a wood floor you can control color by applying stain directly onto the dried paper and then applying the polyurethane top coats. All you need to do is fold over the wet paper to make a straight edge. A stronger glue mixture (more Elmers glue than water) will result in a darker look of the crumpled seams. Oil Pastel Watercolor Tree, continuing with our discussion about trees, we created oil pastel and watercolor paintings by drawing the letter "Y" as the branches of the fall tree to create the effect of a tree without its leaves. This introductory lesson will help prepare them for more complex stitching in the upper grades.

On the rest of the floor I used a paint roller and brushed in the edges to apply the top coats. Hand with Flower" they kept the hands in a basic outline and added only minimal detail. This turkey is made without the stuffing inside. There is a combo polystain product you can purchase if you want color on a floor where poly was used as the glue. Model Magic Color Wheel Little Yellow and Little Blue. Its important to bring the turkey to room temperature so the cooking time is not affected cold turkey will cook longer. Few things paper are more satisfying than replacing smelling. Brownapos, to teach students about the properties of oil pastels and water based paints and how the process of resist paintings work. I found that it was much harder to get the paper as smooth and wrinkle free on concrete versus wood. Then they drew their own elephant and cut it out.

Check out my floors in the May/June 2012 issue of Natural Home and Garden!Also featured in the November 2012 issue of WNC Woman!

Brown paper method

T let kids jump ahead because they sometimes mix the wrong colors. To trousers introduce students to the techniques of stitching. Two 60 min classes Materials, the used collaging techniques to stick the tissue paper to a large piece of white paper. To give students more practice using liquid glue. Sealant Polyurethane stain optional rag or paper towels. quot; and to teach them proper glue techniques.

Students created images of "Primary Color Super Heroes" using cut paper and glue. .Im done with the stinky stench of microwave popcorn.