last far longer than the tar paper made today. This time-tested product is affordable, it's easy to work with and it's readily available. Summer wood is the dark band

you see at the end of a cut log. Buy about weyerhaeuser paper company 10 percent extra; you can usually return it if you don't need. This is intended to prevent roof leakage from the inevitable ice dams that form when the snow melts in late winter. This cross linking makes the asphalt brittle. Installing the roofing felt does take care, but can go very quickly. I don't add vertical drainage strips on my jobs when using tar paper because I take the time to install the siding so that water will have a very tough time getting to the tar paper. Installing The 15 # Felt: We rolled out the tar paper and secured it with staples. Tack down the peak's tar paper. Here Randy is carefully adhering the edge of the new roll. Typically 2 to 3 days will be required for this. Making Tar Paper Tar paper used to be made by soaking a porous paper made from cotton rag scraps with thinned liquid asphalt. Measure the size of your roof in square feet. Click here to get free fast bids from rough carpenters who are experts at installing tar paper or synthetic underlayments. My local code does not apply to replacement roofing, but it would be a good idea to follow it anyway. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you startyoull save time and frustration. It does the same thing on walls if given the chance. The overhang to the next strip should be 3/8 inch.

Correct install of tar paper

All rotten decking must be replaced. The roof decking should be completely clean and correct install of tar paper dry. Tips and correct install of tar paper Techniques, there should be no wrinkles or other spots that could catch moisture and cause problems. Rob, are still standing because smart builders of old used tar paper as a weather barrier. The big reason fiberglass pushed aside cottonfiber mats was they could run the giant mills three times faster than if they used cotton. Go back and place the roof drip edge along the gable ends of the roof. Check the requirements for the roofing material that will go over the felt. Siding applied directly over tar paper creates a sandwich effect and can trap water between the siding material and the tar paper. And possibly millions across the world.

Smooth application of the roofing paper will help you achieve a smooth installation of the shingles.Be sure the tar paper lies in flat strips that are absolutely smooth.

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Sheathing that gets wet before the roofing material can go on should be allowed to dry thoroughly before continuing. Covering the ends of the iceandwater barrier or felt paper with drip edge ensures that windblown rain that gets under the shingles will run correct install of tar paper over the underlayment. Re correct that itapos, smaller holes like these, the actual process of putting down the underlayment will be one of the fastest parts of the entire roofing process.

Warning If you have a steep roof, use a roof harness to help keep you from getting hurt if you lose your footing on the roof.(I'll bet they got a volume discount.).The paper should then be nailed in or stapled every three to four inches across.