birthday, then make plenty of other super hero masks, following the method highlighted in this tutorial. Then cut holes so the child can peer through the plate. From

the scrap card that was cut away, cut two semi-circles for ears. Paper Plate Farm Animal Masks Craft. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Masks Paper Plate Fish Mask: An Easy How-To Add a popsicle or a string to it in order to give it a mask like appearance. Instructions: Print out highest the template of choice. When you have the witches ready for Halloween, then why should the vampires be left behind! Paper Plate Skull Mask Easy Paper Plate Butterfly Craft The gems and buttons on the butterfly give it an elegant look. You can also teach kids the names of other Australian animals like kangaroo, and dingo with ease by making paper plate masks for each one of them. Paper Plate Vampire Mask Paper Plate Black Cat Mask You can glue a big popsicle stick painted in black at the bottom of the cats body for making a mask. Paper Plate Mask Design How to Make a Masquerade Mask with Paper Plates You would love flaunting this colorful mask at the masquerade party. Paper Plate Mask, dIY Paper Plate Lion Mask. You have all the animals of Old Mac Donalds farm in your kittythe pig, sheep, cow and chick. Now use a ribbon attached to either side of the plate to tie the mask to the child's head. Gluing cotton balls on the paper plate makes the koala bear look more real. Paper Plate Lion Mask, paper Plate Koala Bear Animal Mask. Paper Plate Pig Mask, cute Paper Plate Monkey Mask Tutorial. Monkey Paper Plate Mask Avengers Paper Plate Masks The red and blue paper plate avenger masks would give your little son the opportunity to flaunt his heroics, if he has dressed up as any of the characters from this fictional movie. How to Make Paper Plate Masks. You can shape out a variety of colorful masks from these simple paper plates including those of animals (domestic or wild your kids favourite cartoon or superhero character or those pertaining to any inanimate objects. Lion Paper Plate Mask: An Interesting DIY. Paper Plate Masquerade Mask Paper Plate Bear Mask Craft The crumpled look of the brown tissue paper gives the bear a unique look. You can paint your pumpkin with a combination of orange and red for a more authentic look.

You can even paint cotton balls in brown and glue it on the top to give your monkey a furry look. Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask for Halloween. Templates, as shown in the tutorial below. You can even go for a Lady bug or other lauderdale insects masks with paper plates.


Monkey Paper Plate, face or, mask.You will need a large paper plate for this craft.If you don t have one (I never seem to!

Free printable math graph paper How to make a paper plate monkey mask

You can even print out a template and stick it on the paper paper plate. These pretty cat paper masks made out of the designed paper plates look amazing. How to Make a Paper Plate Mask. Paper Plates Masks Paper Plate Darth Vader Mask.

The toddlers would have a whale of a time in making this colorful witch.Paper Plate Mask for Toddlers Paper Plate Mask Bird Design Rather than going for a simple bird design you can even stick dove template on the paper plate and paint it in white.Cut a heart shape from the centre on the plate.