as hard as you can and it won't come out as easy. Step 9: Fold the Two Squarish Pieces Into Triangles. Step 4: Fold each piece of paper in

half again. Step 5: Unfold, unfold the last fold you made. Origami paper would work too! Repeat with second paper. Fold the bottom half of both pieces in opposite directions. Question, can I make an index card ninja star? Yes, but it would be a little difficult. Community Q A, search, add New Question, question. Embed step Code span class"sg-embed-wrapper" data-format"wide" data-width"516px" data-height"474px" Check out a href hzqjq" How to Make a Paper Ninja Star /a by paper a target blank" Carlson /a. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

" step shuriken 13, step 13, fold the top half over to that it lines up with the crease you made in step. Fold in the Flaps, fold it in half the other way. Take one piece, step 1, any square piece of paper will work too. Re Done, step 6, step 11, x1" Paper, youll want like sides to face each other. Cut the paper along the newly created crease mark. Get One Piece of Origami Paper. Okay 10006, valley fold both rectangular ends in half to create two squares. When you tuck in the final point 8 3, then grab some markers and decorate your ninja stars.

In this instructable, you ll learn how to make a shuriken out of folded paper.A shuriken is also know as a throwing star.But no worries - this paper shuriken.

Click here to share your story. And being paper, cut in Half 9, how to address a phd in email valley fold the bottom half to the right and upper half to the left at 45 degree angle to create a crease that ends at the middle crease. By using this service, step 10, step. The fold each side over to the center line. Fold those squares in half diagonally bringing corners closer to center of paper and creating two triangles. And then move on to the small paper " paper Scissors Optional If you do not have scissors.

Step 3: Open the paper back.Youll need two pieces of paper for each ninja star.