elegant blue wallpaper, and the floor was soft carpet. Surely the theatre could at least have papered the house if the box office was looking so poor Phrases be

not worth the paper it is written on Be of no value or validity despite having been written down. The proposal for digging rain pits to store rainwater may look good on paper. Wallpaper consists of a backing, ground coat, applied ink, and sometimes paste on the backing used to adhere the paper to the wall. In their policy papers on universities both Mr Dawkins and Dr Nelson treated size as an important issue. He paper published a highly original paper on pattern formation The object was to make it easier to assign papers to appropriate sessions. Their role at conferences, for example, can span everything from presenting papers to fielding questions in open conference sessions. The verb dates from the late 16th century. Everybody emerges with something; the question is whether it is worth the paper it is written. Public works immediately conjure up visions of roads and bridges that exist only on paper. Words that usually refer to nouns (he, she, it, they, we, my, A word that expresses some sort of action. Taking out a sheet of paper with lots of writing on it, Daria nodded, took a deep breath, and began her story. He took out the bacon from the skillet and placed it on three sheets of absorbent paper towel. This paper examines that question by considering the acute phase of care provided by the public sector. He always had amazing mental arithmetic skills but found it difficult to explain on paper how he got the correct answer. This is an edited version of a paper examining the difficulties of DNA evidence. Scientists in Germany can now boast the fastest super computer in Europe - on paper at least. Unfortunately, due to the large number of papers presented at most sessions, hardly any discussion took place. Be sure that this system will make you more confident in your paper and will help you get the highest grade. While all the national papers report that Gore will be conceding any day now, the online debate rages. The walls were papered with delicate designs and rich reds. This current England team is, on paper, the best we have had for at least 35 years. You only have to look at the source of this research to realise it's probably not worth the paper it's written. The pile consisted mostly of personal papers, Ken's will and such. Journalists on strike at a Czech television station in the capital, Prague, have been forced to present their identification papers to police. The Department of Education and Science is also preparing to advertise for examiners to correct the papers to ensure the exams go ahead in June as planned. Becoming familiar with the pattern of the question paper helps overcome the numbing fear of examinations. Spain, as usual, go into a tournament, with probably the best squad of players on paper. Some supermarket tabloids outsell the local papers.

In paper or on paper grammar

Thing, the first thing to buy is a large sheet of white thick paper or thin card. Relieved it was over, shred personal or financial papers, making it that much more difficult to track them down. Some of the fugitive workers obtained new identification papers using an in paper or on paper grammar alias. Many will have their own local memories of Bill and some will no doubt centre on getting the daily newspapers or the Sunday papers after Mass. Or idea, place, strikes by journalists on local papers in the north of England have spread from one title to another. And I already knew I could take radiators off walls to paint and paper behind them. What looks like a rebuilding year on paper.

In paper or on paper grammar

On paper 1In writing, you should write down your text in any program you are using for writing. If you are papering over paint. The unions tried to how to print paper for window envelope paper over their differences He said that they got lots of complaints that they were papering over his faults and mistakes and glorifying his presidency. On paper, but there are concerns how to make paper slippers that there will still be unfilled vacancies. First clean the walls with sugar soap to make sure the paper sticks. Adjective, modifies a verb, it all seems rather complicated on paper but pans out surprisingly well cinematically.

She is one of those rare people who come across as very smart in person, not just on paper.Finally, remember to answer the question on the paper and not the one that you were revising for the night before!