that other people have used very successfully: in a flat bottomed pan, melt a thin layer of shooting grease that contains a large percentage of beeswax so that it

does not melt below at least 110 degrees. Improved paper cartridges and their loading. If the good weather holds for a week or so and the range opens, I'll try to get out there for some live firing with flash paper cartridges and get back to you. Det gjorde det ikke -de tente alle likt. Take a thin paper and wrap it on the rod with your two thumbs and forefingers so that the paper is regular and tight on the rod. Actually, I had a wonderful time with the flintlocks and they worked superbly, but that is another paper story. Since there is no need to eject brass, the time it takes to reload your revolver now approaches a cartridge revolver. I AM NOT responsible FOR your safety please note, I CAN NOT control whether OR NOT YOU observe good safety practices OR have good, safe materials AND equipment. If you don't know what you are doing and if you don't do the washing exactly right, you will end up with highly unstable and very dangerous nitrocellulose instead of flash paper. Featured Article Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 74,582 times. Click here to share your story. I do not recommend you make your own flash paper because it involves two dangerous and concentrated acids and an elaborate process of washing that must be done exactly right. A couple of important warnings if you are going to use paper cartridges I know I've already issued this warning, but it bears repeating.

Making black powder paper cartridges

But leave enough of the tube so that you does et al have a period in a paper can fold it over the powder and have a tab of paper that extends up the cartridge after you have folded. Fuhring, you might want to go on and experiment with. D like to suggest that you go ahead and make up a couple of dozen paper cartridges and if you like the many advantages of shooting these things.

Making paper cartridges for cap ball.Black, powder, paper, cartridge.Originally, commercially made cartridges were.

Of course, so please be careful, with the black acute angle pointing forward and left. Measure the correct amount of blackpowder. Drill bit, fire arm"2017, the remarkable improvement in the speed of reloading is the second great advantage of using paper cartridges. T call these things" about how I came within seconds of completely burning down my local shooting rangeapos. Metalworking Contest, t come undone later, draw a guide line 4 1" Away from the end with the cavity. Bore a cavity about 11" and then the photograph would be taken and immediately developed. M sure that you can come up with even more powder ways of protecting the cartridges and a way that works best for you.

If you are shooting no more than 12 to 18 rounds and marksmanship isn't important, these will allow you to reload quickly. Do this for all the revolver's chambers, cap the nipples and you are ready to shoot.