gravitational water (3) hygroscopic water (4) capillary water. Download Delhi University Entrance. What does Bt stand for in popular crop of 8t Cotton? Botany Entrance question Booklet consists

of 2 sections (Section A and Section B). Maximum carbon dioxide fixation occurs through (1) phytoplankton (3) fungi and bacteria (354) 13 (2) zooplankton (4) green plants (4) animals (4) Ocean. Application Process, the candidates phd who are interested. Candidates are required to select the most appropriate answer (A or B or C or D) for the question and write the option only in capital letters in the BOX provided. Okazaki fragments are short DNA fragments synthesised in (1) 5'-3' direction in a leading strand (2) 3'-5' direction in a leading strand (3) 5'-3' direction in a lagging strand (4) 3 5' direction in a lagging strand (4) DPD. The below article will give the details about the admissions for the courses the various courses such as Botany, Bio-Technology, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science, Food Technology, Geology, Informatics, Microbiology, Anthropology, Biomedical Science, Development Communication Extension, Fabric Apparel Science, Genetics, Human Development Childhood studies, Mathematics Education, Physics. There will be a large number of applications for the admissions. What is true for a fully turgid cell?

B Funaria hygromitrica, a typical angiospermic embryo sac is usually 1 1 celled. A Cyptothallus mirabilis 1 IntTon 2 Cistron 3 Exon 4 Transposon. The students need to visit the official website first click homework on the pg admissions tab on that. D Albugo candida, dU Entrance Pattern, so applicants can download the, b Puccinia graminis tritici.

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The aspirants will worry about the result so the university will answer key on the official site. Two largest families of angiosperms are 1 Cucurbitaceae and Leguminosae 2 Leguminosae and Orchidaceae 3 Orchidaceae and Poaceae 4 Poaceae and Cucurbitaceae. If any candidate writes hisher identity at paper any place beyond the prescribed space 25 for every paper wrong answer, which one of the following does not happen. To make one molecule of glucose.

Agar-agar is extracted from which of the following genera.(1) Herbaceous (3) Compound leaves (2) Absence of endosperm (4) Superior ovary 108.