Culture, and Genius: Nietzsche's Ethics of the Creative Life. Health Education Behavior, 40, 311-322. Submit your abstract (maximum 500 words, prepared for blind refereeing) by e-mailing. Cold War Rhetoric

(2002, 2003, 2004; 2006) Rhetoric of Science (2001) Evidence (1995-2000, 2003) Debate (1995-1998) Freshman Studies, University of Pittsburgh (1998-2001). Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky, external Examiner: John Beatty (UBC currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary. Kirchner,.L, Larson,.B. The Department offers a job placement service for its PhD recipients. Books, author: Gordon. International Journal of Communication, 9, online. Argumentation Advocacy, 47, 1-24. Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl, external Examiner:. The Debate Authors Working Group Model for Collaborative Knowledge Production in Forensics Scholarship" (co-authored with Carly. Wichelns Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Rhetoric and Public Address Daniel Rohrer Memorial Outstanding Research Award NCA Political Communication Division Outstanding Article Award. Placement and career information is included where known. Author of Strategic Deception: Rhetoric, Science and Politics in Missile Defense Advocacy (Michigan State University Press he has published over 40 articles and book chapters in leading scholarly outlets. Supervisor: Mark Migotti, external Examiner: Jessica Berry (Georgia State). University Park: Penn State University Press, 2017 (pp. Make sure you include information about your affiliation template in the cover letter. Previously chair (2011-2013 director of graduate studies (2009-2011 and director of the debating union (1995-2006) in the Department of Communication, Mitchells other leadership roles at the University of Pittsburgh have included assistant dean of the University Honors College (2014-2017 associate director of the Humanities Center.

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Lohr Stein, Stanley The Ontological Status of Social Institutions Supervisor: Kai Nielsen Currently:  Professor Emeritus in Environmental Design, University of Calgary."The US Obesity 'Epidemic Metaphor, Method, or Madness?" (co-authored with Kathleen.Dissertations and served on over 30 doctoral committees at the University of Pittsburgh.