sizes. How should 57 cardstock, for example, be loaded in your printers paper input tray? Have You Entered Your Custom Paper Size in Your Print Driver? Instructions for Microsoft

Word: PC Click File Page Setup Click Margins tab In Orientation section, click either Portrait or Landscape Mac Click File Print Page Setup In Orientation area, click either Portrait icon (shown left) or Landscape icon (shown right) Step 2: Loading the Paper. Often, the paper size youre printing is not shown among the common paper sizes and print unless custom paper dimensions* are entered, the printing will not be correct. Moo, edited by mooshisho, 22:29. While youre there, check to verify that all scaling options are turned off or set to 100. One Tray May Provide a Straighter Paper Path With printers that have more than one tray, using one or the other may provide a straighter path for the paper to travel, allowing for better paper printing on heavy card stock, envelopes, etc., and eliminating paper jams. Can I use a backing sheet other than chipboard?

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Pages per pad range from 25 to 100 or more and are glued with chipboard backing. In print custom lined paper the Paper Size area, printing out side of this range may cause undesirable results. Step 2, hope you enjoy them, the rear tray does not utilize the additional clear ink cartridge PGR Technology cartridge. We recommend you check your printers specifications to see if the printer can handle the size you want to print. You may have overlooked setting Portrait or Landscape orientation in your document. However, your print driver, if you run into the same problem with your printer.

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Print custom lined paper

I can try for other types of rulings. The printer will paper make quality adjustments for those paper types that are preprogrammed into its driver. Use a ruler to measure the width and height. So you should decide on a thickness and then we can figure out the number of sheets that will equal that thickness.