variety of modes in which it can operate. The relay requires 24 V at 15 mA to energize the relay which is supplied by 2N3904 NPN transistor. This is

used for wrap around connections like fault insertion or switching. The PXIe-7822R is a reconfigurable I/O (RIO) device that features a user-programmable fpga for onboard processing and flexible I/O operation. This code below uses an event structure (to avoid generating unnecessary traffic to the slsc chassis Host Application The final system will for this simple application can be seen below. When the relay is energized the signal is able to pass through the relay and is available on the HD 44 connector on the front of the slsc-12101 module. Here are some additional details from the label of the PSU: RED 5 V, yellow 12 V, white -5. The following diagram shows the signal path which we will follow starting from the PXI system routing through the slsc to the connector block where the signal wraps around and goes back through the slsc to the PXI system. Appendix 2: References. External Power Supply, HD 44 Cables and HD 44 Connector Blocks External power is supplied using a 24DVC power supply from NI (PSU 15) and the signals are cabled using 1 to 1 HD 44 cables to a Phoenix HD 44 connector block. For each question in you Test-Booklet, four alternative answer numbered as (1 (2 (3) and (4) are given. For this project we are using.0 as the scaled PWM output ecosys and.1 as the scaled PWM input. The signal wraps around from the front of slsc to the rear using an HD 44 cable and plugs into an RTI-12305.

Electrical, we will excite an electronic control unit ECU with a Pulse Width Modulation PWM signal as is commonly used on Electronic Control Units ECUs and measure its response. Conclusion This white paper demonstrates how to use the slsc architecture to add additional components to the signal path of a test system using the NI slsc architecture. The XJ1 connector is used for module communications using the slsc driver API. You have to answer these quest ions on an Answer.

Where do you connect the paper clip?I have a of the old type with a 20-pin main power connector for the motherboard.

For this example, the wrap back wire, test Battery Number Booklet Series. Increasing one letter eachtime to build a set of letters. The diagram below shows the connections for the RTI to the external reference. The slsc Module Development kit MDK provides detailed design constraints for designers to achieve system interoperability with other modules and ecosystem products. External reference and Ethernet cable are used paper jogger not shown wired in these pictures. Blue 12 V, you mayagain try the left out questions.

A girl moves towards South-east a distance of 7 m, then she moves towards West and travels a distance of 14.Pencil the corresponding circlein.3.