Other benefits may include dental and eye care, life and disability insurance, and a pension plan. They had to learn the basics of film production in order to help

direct video production, just as they do for recording. Ive worked on everything from rock to R B and blues, she says. Youll see some of the names over and over again. The next step might be setting up a rehearsal schedule and making arrangements for a rehearsal studio. This is because the income of a record producer is directly tied to the sales of the records he or she produces. During the mixing process other musical elements can be added, such as instrumental or vocal background, echo, and other sound effects. Mixing can go on for days even though the process has been sped up through the use of computerized mixing boards. Music producers research already have a high degree of responsibility with a record label, as their work is directly reflected in the sales and profits of a recording. Soon producers began to make their own contracts with the artists, produce the records independently, and then sell them to the record companies for distribution. The traveling can also be demanding. Anything discussing the merits of a work as art really is subjective. The usdl reports that the median salary production for audio and video equipment technicians was 33,130 in 2004, and the median salary for sound engineering technicians was 39,380. Tape provided a new and flexible method for producers to enhance the outcome of the recording session. You need an understanding of artists. People would go out and dance to records. To learn about educational opportunities in the United States and abroad, visit the Web sites of the Audio Engineering Society (.org/ ) or Mix Magazine Online ( m/ ). Music producers must also have the instincts of artists to help artists record the best work they can. "Is production an art form?

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High School, within a major record label, youapos. Producers could become heads of any of several departments. The answers producers job description remained pretty much the same until the early 1980s when the importance of music videos to the commercial success value of a record became apparent.

View Music Production Research Papers on Academia.I am doing a piece of research into the effects of creative block on young songwri ters, composers and.

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Similarly, until this time producers worked mostly for the record companies. Hired their talents out to the studios by claiming they had the connections and vision to produce the next hit. The independents, tapes, when listening, however, you could preston garvey toilet paper explore how the last 70 years has seen disc only nights evolve from a curiosity into a form of live entertainment in their own right. Employment for music producers is very competitive.