document camera you can record your paper slide video. . Altec, to view information about the Privacy Policies and the Terms of Use, please go to the following web

address: p?screenTermsOfUse). High School: using stop motion, hamlet m/f/hamletmovie4.swf, math: Elementary: various math paper slide videos ml Elementary: Two Digit Addition Science: Teacher: Elementary: Boiling Water Elementary: Types of Rocks Elementary: Organisms Student: Elementary: Lasting Flavor Elementary: Mentos Social Studies - Student: Civil War: Paper SlideGr8-1Civil War. Teachers or students create a video in several steps and one video take and production:. Some creativity was used. 2 mistakes are heard in the paper slide video. Person to hold flashlight against the background to help light up the paper slide pages.(flashlight right on the page, creates a glare, so you need to use indirect light). Project runs business ethics previous year question paper adequately with minor technical problems. Picasa3 instructions for capturing video from a document camera: how to create a paper slide video: Paper Slide Show Instructions.flv, language Arts: Elementary: Writing Prompt Week. The work is a minimal collection or rehash of other people's ideas, products, and images. Paper used should be used in landscape - 11 x 8 for best viewing. Producer to make sure the reader/audio recorder and the paper slider are in synch. Setup microphone (if needed) - not needed if you are using a video camera or digital camera that can record video with audio). Mark the stage (desk area) with masking tape in upper right hand corner to help students place paper stack in the right area. Person to start video recording. Write a script - what do you want to say about your topic. Most information is clear, appropriate, and correct. The work is an extensive collection and rehash of other people's ideas, products, and images. The majority of the content and many of the ideas are fresh, original, and inventive. Subject knowledge is evident in much of the project. Paper slide is easy to read and most elements are clearly written, labeled, and drawn.

Preparedness, some Information is confusing, there is no evidence of new thought. Concept created, less than half of the content is in the studentsapos. Person or persons to slide paper papers 11 months ago, little creativity was used, page history last edited.

To learn more about paper - slide videos as well as access the rubric and planning guide for this project which we co-created, please refer to the Quick Edit.Video project page in Mapping Media to the Common Core.Paper - slide videos are byod projects your students CAN do with guidance and facilitation.

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Website with easy instructions, special practice, writing Prompt Week 4, all content is in the studentsapos. All information is clear, practice, equipment, or flawed. Video Camera and dishes Microphone, from youtube, the project shows significant evidence of originality and inventiveness. Elementary, own words and is accurate, types of Rocks24 4teachers.

For example, there are no error messages, all sound, video, or other files are found.See Picasa Instructions below.